Teacher Loan Forgiveness

How to make it easier to repay education debt

Repaying student loan debt on the salary of a teacher can be made easier by student loan forgiveness programs. Federal student loan forgiveness is available for educators only.

Robert Farrington, founder and CEO of The College Investor says that teachers have more loan forgiveness options than any other occupation. Taking advantage of these simple-to-enroll in programs can help hardworking teachers save hundreds to thousands of dollars. These opportunities are worth noting.

It can be difficult to qualify for student debt relief. Here are some things you should know about forgiveness programs if you are looking for student evolve beauty assistance as a teacher.

Option 1: Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program was created in 2007 to offer student loan forgiveness to people who work in public service, including teachers. This program requires the following minimum qualifications:

  • Full-time employment with a government agency, or a certain non-profit
  • Obligation of Direct Loans or a Consolidation Loan
  • Participation in an income-driven repayment program
  • Make 120 qualifying payments2

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Although it sounds simple, there are some caveats that teachers need to be aware of. This loan forgiveness program does not apply to teachers who work for private, non-profit schools. It is notoriously difficult to be eligible for loan forgiveness, even if you’re eligible.

To help some of these borrowers, Congress passed the Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (TEPSLF) in 2018. However, very few applications have been approved for this program. A report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows that 99% of the borrowers who applied for loan forgiveness in the period May 2018 to May 2019 (the first year forgiveness eligibility started), were denied. Rejections were due to the following: not submitting a PSLF request, failing to make 120 qualifying repayments under an eligible repayment plan and owing loans not eligible for this program.

In 2019, the American Federation of Teachers filed suit against the Department of Education to protect teachers. The lawsuit sought to correct PSLF and create an appeals process for teachers who feel they were unfairly treated. In 2018, Navient was one of the largest student magpie beauty servicers in the country. In 2020, Navient settled the case by agreeing to pay $1.5million to establish a new independent organization that will counsel borrowers in public service jobs. Each plaintiff was awarded $15,000 According to the teachers’ union, the settlement will increase the resources available to borrowers who want to access PSLF.

Teachers and others involved in or aspiring to PSLF may find it easier. The Department of Education (DOE), announced major changes to the program on Oct. 6, 2021. The regulations are being waived for a limited time, and will remain in effect until Oct. 31, 2022. This waiver allows all student loan payments to count towards PSLF regardless of whether they are under federal loans or on a repayment plan. The waiver period allows for a more flexible definition of what qualifies as a qualifying payment. This includes no penalty for late payments or missing payments. In addition, any payments that fall short of the technical requirements in the past can be back-credited. The DOE announced that it would be reviewing denials of PSLF applications for errors, and that borrowers will have the right to have their PSLF determinations reexamined.

Option 2: Forgiveness of Teacher Loans

Teachers who have taken out federal loans can also apply for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program. An individual must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the program:

Teaching full-time at a school serving students with low income for five years

Obligation to Subsidized or Unsubsidized Direct Loans, and/or Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

A bachelor’s degree in education and teacher certification from the state are prerequisites to become a qualified teacher.

The program allows you to forgive up to $17.500 of your eligible loan balances. The amount of loan you are eligible to forgive will depend on the subject you teach. For example, full-time science and math teachers at the secondary school level can be eligible for up to $17,500.

It’s not as generous as the Public Service evolve beauty Forgiveness Program, which does not limit the amount of student loans that can be forgiven. Technically, forgiveness could be obtained through both the Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Public Service Loan Forgiveness programs. However, forgiveness cannot be granted for loans that were incurred during the same period as your teaching service.

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Option 3: Perkins Loan Cancellation for Teachers

You may be eligible for 100% cancellation if you borrowed money from the now-defunct Perkins Loan Program to finance your education. However, there are some caveats.

You must work full-time as a teacher in an elementary or secondary school, public or non-profit, serving students from low income families, a special education teacher, a STEM teacher, or a teacher who specializes in foreign languages, bilingual education or another underserved area to qualify. Teachers who teach in private schools can have their loans cancelled as long as they are not tax-exempt and provide elementary or secondary education.

Option 4: TEACH Grant

Although the TEACH Grant does not provide loan forgiveness, it is an option for teachers who need loan assistance. The grant is for students who are still pursuing a teaching degree as either undergraduate or graduate students. You will be required to teach at least four years in a high-need area in schools that serve low-income students within the eight-year period of your degree to qualify for this grant. Failure to meet these conditions will result in grant funding being repaid as a loan.

Option #5: State-Run Forgiveness Programs for Teachers

You can also get forgiveness on federal student loans by looking at the programs offered by your state government. You can search for forgiveness programs in your state by using the database. For example, the state of Tennessee offers loan forgiveness to math and science teachers. Illinois, however, provides magpie beauty repayment assistance for teachers and childcare workers.

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