NextAdvisor’s Top Stories for the Year

A mom with a toddler who is about to become a millionaire by the age of 16 is on track for becoming a millionaire.

An attorney burned out who launched a successful online business to erase $150,000 student debt.

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An American-Chinese money expert, who forgot what her parents had taught her in order to succeed in America.

We were struck by stories this year of people who took control of their finances and learned about money in a volatile economic environment.

“I dedicate my life to helping people, particularly people of color, to get access information because it could be the thing that changes financial situation for generations,” Dominique Broadway (CEO of Finances De*mys*ti*fied) told us earlier this season. Broadway is the strategist behind Broadway’s daughter’s investment portfolio. It is expected to make Broadway a millionaire by the age of 16.

Delyanne Barros shared her experience with us earlier this year. “Everytime I meet a new client the first thing they say to me is, ‘It’s just so nice hear someone talk money that looks and feels like me. Barros has recently left her job as a lawyer and is now focusing on her investment education business where she helps beginners achieve financial independence.

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Top NextAdvisor Stories for the Year

  1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency enjoyed a huge year in 2021. It captured investors’ attention and prompted them to think about whether they should include speculative digital assets in their portfolio. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin, the biggest cryptos, set new records and will be as valuable as ever in 2019.

How can you wisely invest in Bitcoin? A 15% drop in its value is nothing but a normal afternoon. Is it possible that new crypto regulations by the government will end all of this tomorrow? What is blockchain, exactly? These are questions that many ordinary investors, who are reasonable and common, are asking. We’ve tried our best to connect investors with advice from money experts who can tell the truth.

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  1. Financial Independence: Investing

Experts have reminded us time and again that cryptocurrency, meme stocks, and retail trading are not the best investment strategies. It’s simpler than that: invest early, often, and build a portfolio over the long-term, ideally using low-cost index funds. We have all the information you need, from suggestions for the best online brokerages to advice by a multimillionaire on the simple investing strategy that he wished he had known when he started out.

  1. Homebuying, Refinancing and the Housing Market

This year’s challenges and opportunities for homebuyers and homeowners are heightened by historically low mortgage rates and a hot housing market. With rising home prices and stiff competition, first-time homebuyers had difficulty finding a house. However, existing homeowners were able take advantage of low rates to refinance their home or tap into their home equity through a cash-out refinance.

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  1. Credit Construction and Use

Millions of Americans use credit cards and loans every day as powerful financial tools. However, with all that power comes a lot of risk. This can lead to high-interest, expensive debt that keeps people from financial independence and further limits their ability to save money. There are many ways to speed up your credit growth, whether you’re just beginning to build your credit or looking to improve it.